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Selling Leads

(1 - 10 out of 20 total Selling Leads)

  • Injection Molding Machine

    We sell injection moulding machine with perfect efficiency and energy saving. At present, there are 5 series including more than 40 kinds developed and in the making. 1. General...

    Injection Molding Machine

  • Sell Series 9 Dry Type Transformer

    Product Type: SC(B)9-30~2500 Main Technical Parameters: Rated voltage≤36kV, Rated capacity ≤ 25000kVA, Insulation class: class F or class H, Series9, Cast resin dry type power...
  • Vacuum Contact Switching Filter Device

    Product Type: MSF-300~5000 Main Technical Parameters: rated voltage6,10kV, rated capacity ≤5000kvar,oil-type parallel / filter capacitor, dry-type series/ filter reactor....

    Vacuum Contact Switching Filter Device

  • Sell Excitation Rectifier Dry Type Transformer

    Click to enlarge image Product Type: DC(B)9-315~3000 Main Technical Parameters: Voltage class:10kV, 13.8kV,15.75kV,20kV,22kV, Normally single-phase structure, high-voltage...

    Sell Excitation Rectifier Dry Type Transformer

  • Sell Switchgear Packaged Device

    Product Type: XGN15-12 Main Technical Parameters: Rated voltage 12kV Rated current 630A (combined type 125A) Max. dropout transfer current of combined electrical panel is up to...

    Sell Switchgear Packaged Device

  • Sell Dry-type air core reactor CKSC

    In 1991, SUNTEN was designated to develop cast resin insulated dry type reactor by Mechanical Industry Department and Electronic Department. Up to now, over ten patents are achieved by...

    Sell Dry-type air core reactor CKSC

  • Sell transfomers

    SC(B)10-30~2500/10 three-phase resin insulation dry type transformer is our new product which was developed to adapt the national urban and rural power network reform, meet the market need...

    Sell transfomers

  • Sell Pre-fabricated Substation

    Product Type: ZBW30A-XX//□ Main Technical Parameters: take advantages of pre-fabricated substation and pad-mounted transformer with attractive appearance, compact πstructure, low cost....

    Sell Pre-fabricated Substation

  • Sell Static Reactive Compensator

    Product Type: SVC-5000~100000 Main Technical Parameters: rated voltage≤35kV, rated capacity5000~100000 Kvar, dry-type air core shunt / filter reactor, oil-type filter capacitor,...

    Sell Static Reactive Compensator

  • Sell LV Withdrawable Controlling Panel

    Product Type: SE-MNS SE-GCK(L) Main Technical Parameters: Used in 380V distribution system Feeder circuit: withdrawable type Rated current of parallel...

    Sell LV Withdrawable Controlling Panel

(1 - 10 out of 20 total Selling Leads)

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